Monday, July 6, 2015

Doors, windows, window and door units, cabinetry, moldings and many other made to order wood products are the primary offerings of St. Louis Sash Corp. Welcome, and thank you for visiting this site. 

Welcome visitors, both new and old, to our latest venture. After 23 years of business, St. Louis Sash Corp. is finally taking its first step into the electronic age with this site. The intention of this website is to give those interested an opportunity to view various past projects, have online access to valuable information regarding products and general warranties, and also a partial listing of various services and support products we have available as stocked items.

Please know that this information, presentations and product listing is subject to change and by no means represents a comprehensive or exhaustive list of any kind. Due to the custom nature of our primary products, we encourage variations of most any kind, especially in design. Pictures included here only represent part of what is possible and is meant as more of a reference standard or level of capability than a portrayal of our  complete product line. 


St. Louis Sash Corp. was founded as a joint venture between Bob Hess and myself, Bill Hays in 1987. During 15 years of his mentorship, and also during the time that has followed, a lot has changed in the construction industry, with many new faces joining some of the same old ones still here as well. As one of the few remaining millshops in Saint Louis City, we are proud to represent a continuation of this line existing for many generations. One thing that has not changed is our orientation to preserving the heritage of knowledge and unique product we offer. We consider it a priviledge to work on any of our projects, and strive to supercede all of our customer's expectations.

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